It is the knowledge which ENLIGHTENS US AND EDUCATION which liberates us from this materialistic world”.
It is an ENGLISH MEDIUM RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL founded in June 2004. It is in the vicinity of SHRI PARSHWA PRADNYALAYA JAIN SHWETAMBAR Tirth Pedhi – JAIN TEMPLE, which is built on the foothills of a mountain. The School and Hostel building covering a land area of 9 acres is located in the natural surroundings of lush greenery with a backdrop of beautiful lakes and green mountains. All this picturesque make the process of education in our school a VERY HAPPY, PEACEFUL AND REFRESHING one.

Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education
– New Delhi
Affiliation No. : 1130095
School Code : 30066
UDISE No. : 27250917144

SCHOOL EMAIL ID :- spdsmtgn@yahoo.co.in

C0NTACT DETAILS(MOBILE):- +91 95793 29858